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06 May 2011

dying and celebration

I don't like capital punishment.
The idea that I am (collectively) responsible for the death of a convicted criminal bothers me immensely, and I have a hard time believing that it really serves a redeeming purpose, other than revenge. I have heard that the victim's families get a sense of justice. Obviously capital punishment guarantees beyond doubt that the convicted murderer will never repeat the crime. As a mother, I humbly admit that I honestly can't guarantee I wouldn't have killed someone to stop them killing my child.
It would be much easier if things were more black and white for me, but as it is I have to accept my ambivalence about capital punishment and it's consequences.
Osama Bin Laden was the greatest terrorist of my lifespan.
He masterminded the most horrific attacks imaginable, and dedicated his own life to the perpetration and widespread of fear and horror. Over the past decade, he's released a number of videos where he voluntarily issued threat upon threat, keeping a black cloud of fear over the head of every human that boarded a plane, walked into a museum, turned a NYC corner and saw US soldiers. Ask any parent how it feels to review their child's school's "terrorist attack procedures" posted on the refrigerator door, alongside recipes and to-do lists.

President Obama found Bin Laden and had him killed.
Sad as it is to loose any human life, I don't see how things could have turned out any different. Catch him alive? Bring him to justice? I'm sorry but that sounds just insane to me. Does anyone believe that Bin Laden had anything to say? Were they not paying attention all those times he did say what he wanted on those spine chilling videos? If the people who went into that mission, decided that terminating his life was the only alternative, I believe our role is to stand behind them and be grateful someone took that job. And I don't ever want to see his dead pictures.
I am not rejoicing this death took place and as I see people celebrating on the streets I am taken by a deep sadness. It's sad we had to train Navy Seals, it's sad we have wars, and that innocent people die. And that we have to spend 10 years hunting down a horrible monster like Bin Laden. We all know that his death will only guarantee that he will not lead Al Quaeda, but not that terrorism will stop. Unfortunately.
I am 100% behind our President, and I am thankful the Navy Seals did their job with competence.
Thank you President Obama.


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